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Pandit Prasad Joshi

Pandit Prasad Joshi

Name:- Pandit Prasad Joshi

Doctorate of Vastuscience
Diploma in Biofiled sciences
Geopathologist ( From Greek Institute of Geopathology )

Phone :- 09422007949

Email   :-   prasadjoshi@vedvidnyan.com

Pandit Prasad Suresh Joshi, is a Pune-based astrologer, Vastushastra and Biofield Sciences expert and researcher in geopathic stress . He has effectively mastered the ancient Vastusharta science and has blended modern western techniques with traditional methods to arrive at accurate diagnosis for vastu related problems to corporate, industrial and individual clients. Having represented India at prestigious international conventions on Vastushastra, Pandit Joshi has an unmatchable command over his subject and delivers result based

Vastushastra practice : Pandit Joshi has been practicing Vastushatra techniques for the past 15 years. He uses modern instruments and integrated mantra therapy etc for accurate results delivery. He represented India at the Europe in Cyprus and His techniques in Vastushastra are also used to detect low & high frequency pollution zones.

Pandit Joshi is associated with organizations like the International Metamedicine Association, Centre for Biofield Sciences, Vastu World, Greek Institute of Geopathology. .

His list of clients for Vastushastra practice include industrial houses, corporates, builders and individuals who have benefited tremendously from his guidance and service.

Spiritual and religious services : Deeply attached to his core profession of performing religious rituals, Havans, pravachans, shanties etc. He has a dedicated team of brahmins under him who are accomplished performers and execute the poojas with great ease and convenience of the host.

He is attached to various spiritual organizations like Vishwajagruti Mission, Pune, Swami Shankaracharya Karaveer Peeth, Kolhapur etc. Pandit Joshi also has been part of many prestigious poojas and ceremonies at various shrines in Maharashtra.