Scientific Evidence



The scientific evidence of RAC-Raycleaner of Dorothea Gerardis

The description of evidence
Since recently I own a rural residence in Eastern Attiki in the region Daskaliou Keratea near the sea. I go there in the weekends or for few days. Three years ago and again two years ago, while I was staying and sleeping in this rural residence, I suffered two cerebral episodes. From the first cerebral episode I recovered completely, but from the second one, the movement of my right hand and my right leg were impaired.

In this rural residence, following the indication of a dowser I discovered large quantity of water. Whenever I slept in that place, the hindrance in the movement of my right hand and right leg was increased 100% and when I moved away from there, I would be back to normal after few days.

I seriously considered not to sleep again in this house, because I was afraid that I would have a third cerebral episode. I also thought very seriously and with sorrow to sell it, something very unpleasant for me as this rural residence constituted an easy get away solution out of Athens.
My luck turned around when I met Mrs Dorothea Gerardis who spoke to me about the RAC. I have invited Mrs Gerardis in this residence in order to detect geopathic zones with her methods. Indeed Mrs Gerardis discovered geopathic zones from the existence of underground waters in the depth of 30, 40 and 50 meters (thing that I already knew from the existing drilling) and from other veins of water even deeper in the ground, as well as from all the different types of harmful earth radiation like the node of 400 m. Then I asked with reservation from Mrs Gerardis to place in my rural residence RAC-Raycleaners in order to clean my space from the harmful energy. Also, I told Mrs Gerardis that if I did not detect any beneficial action, I would return them to her.

The decision
Since the first trial, sleeping for few hours in the midday, I realised that I woke up with no deterioration of symptoms from my last cerebral episode. Then I decided with joy to keep the RACs in my rural residence for ever. Since then I sleep the nights, and the morning I wake up without the unpleasant symptoms that I mentioned before. Thus I chose not to sell my rural residence, even though it is built on a hill with very strong harmful terrestrial radiations, that with the RACs have being rendered completely harmless.