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Interview with a Healer / Astrologer 

Sat, 10/04/2010 – 09:23 — Adriana

Interview with Prasad Suresh Joshi – Specialist in Chanting Mantras, Vatsu Healer and Astrologer – by Adriana Bozagiu1. Mr. Prasad Joshi, is this the first time you are in Cyprus?

This is the first time for me in Cyprus. My native place is Maharashtra and Pune is the city where I live in India. I came for the 10 days of Indian Food Festival which takes place every year in Hilton Cyprus from Nicosia. I am offering consultations for the people using astrology, the horoscope and palm reading. I am using also scientific instruments to measure the energy levels of the people, places and different objects.

2. Is this your main job? From where have you learned all of these sciences?

I am chanting mantras. This is our spirituality, our spiritual power. There are 4 Vedas in our culture. First Rigveda, second Yajurveda, third Samaveda and fourth Atharvaveda. I teach Yajurveda. I am doing astrology, which is part of our culture; chanting mantras, like I said and I am performing prayers for everybody. I can read people’s aura, I am palm reader and also I am working on environmental low frequency and high frequency pollution and geopathic stress (with the help of scientific instruments such as Pip Scan, Lecher Antenna, Rfi and Dowser). This is my profession; I consult the people who have economical, health problems, whatever problems they have. I don’t remember in my family somebody else doing something else. I am the 8th generation.

3. Are you combining the astrology with another science when you give consultation?

Yes, I definitely do so. I am combining astrology with Vastu Shastra. Vastu means knowledge of house. When we build the house we have to be aware about two types of energy, geopatical and room energy. And I can calculate the energy with the help of some instruments, like Lecher Antenna. Lecher was a German scientist and he creates this instrument. The Lecher Antenna can absorb mysterious vibrations. And with its help I can calculate any type of energy, it works on quantum physics.

4. What is astrology?   

Astrology is a science, a mathematical calculation of planets and their distance. And through astrology we predict future by using the present condition of planets. Astrology is the effect of planets. The Astrology is part of Indian culture, the spiritual knowledge. Just like yoga, music…

5. What about the horoscope from the news paper? Is this a good astrology what we are reading?

What the horoscope writes in news papers is the general statement for the particular signs. But everybody knows his birth time, birth place, birth date. And on the bases of this 3 aspects I can make the horoscope, I can see which was the condition of the planets at the time of birth on Earth and I can predict the future.

6. In India everybody believes in astrology?

When the people have problems, they are coming to the astrologer. Astrology is like an umbrella. We open it only when it rains. Politicians, Businessman, Film industry personalities generally consult Astrologer’s from time to time to know how they should proceed in future.

7. Everybody knows that the full moon influences people’s behavior. Do the moon’s phases have an influence on people’s life? Can you tell me what’s happening when is full moon?

The full moon on the sky it affects the sea. The Earth is full of  water, as everybody knows, the human body contents 70% water and it’s the same with the planet Earth. If the moon affects the sea why the moon cannot affect the human body?! This is a simple example.  And is the same with the other planets. Each planet has a influence on our body, a different one. That’s why the astrology is the best science for making plans for the future, because we can understand how it affects, when and why.

8. Who was the most impressive astrologer in your opinion?


9. How many planets does the solar system have? And how many planets are you using in your calculus?

There are the 10 planets: the Sun, Mercury, Venus, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. In addition to this there are two more planets Rahu & Ketu which we also use in our calculus.

10. How further can you go with an astrological map? What can you see, can you see the moment of death of a person?

I can see which type of diseases the person has, any problem related with the human body, physical, mental. Also financial, relationship problems. And i can see if somebody will have a short or long life. Some astrologers can predict accurately even above death.

11. You can predict the future, but can we influence the future?

Yes, And there are some remedies for this. In our culture there are many remedies, we can wear gem stones which gives us energy and protection. We also chant mantras, prayers. We can also use the color science; each color represent something, gives us energy. In our center, in Pune (near to Mumbay), in the Ved Vidnyan Center, we consult many people which have economical, physical, mental, psychological and family problems. Every planet has a mantra. And we chanting mantras for a specific planet in front of which the person is badly influenced or vulnerable. And we do all this with fasting. And all this remedies are increasing our energy.

12. What are these mantras?

Mantra is just like a prayer, is all about the resonance of noise and we are using for different purposes. If the rain is not coming, for example, we have a specific mantra for this and the rain will come, because the mantra is very powerful. And there is a mantra for everything that we need in our life.

13. Can you exemplify with one mantra from Yajurveda? Can you give us a mantra?

I will give you one mantra for your health and wealth: Shreem Namaste Kartviryaya. You can chant this mantra 108 times in a day, but the women while they have period, they have to stop chanting mantra. And it’s good while you are chanting to close the eyes and imagine that there is a sunrise in front of you and the sun is giving to you cosmic rays. And if you are doing this with faith will see a big change in your life.

14. Do you have a spiritual master?

Yes, I have. My father is my master.

15. Are you a religious person?

Yes, I am. And I believe that everything is going to the same destination, but the ways are different.

16. Which book are you reading right now? And which are your favorite books?

Right now I am reading  The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra and I read very much spiritual books (Bhagavad Gita etc).

17. Which is your opinion concerning the date of 21 of December 2012?

I believe that it will be something different, beyond the imagination. We can’t predict it.

18. Do you believe in a life after death?

Yes. But depends of our karmas what is after death.

19. What is karma?

Karma represents the mistakes that we made in the past. But it’s in our power to correct them.

20. You measured my energy level with the Lecher Antenna and you calculate my horoscope also. What can you see there for sure?

I measured your Cosmic, Global and Earth energy with the Lecher Antenna and I can tell you for sure that all three energy levels are positive, 78% positive. And in your horoscope I saw that there is a bad karma in your parental side, one of your father brothers died in an accident, this I can see clearly. I saw also that this year you will take a very important decision for your life and also that on 38 years old you will have a very good financial situation.

21. How can somebody clear his family karma?

If there is a bad karma in the family the person have to donate to the poor people in the name of our ancestors. On the behalf of our ancestors, of any part that remains from them.

22. Would you like to share with the people something else, a special thought from you wisdom or a secret?

The secret is that our human body is just like an antenna. And we have to know that we are breathing. We are inhaling and exhaling air and many people they don’t concentrate on this. And it is very important because it balance our immune system. Conscious breathing it increases our energy. This is Yoga in fact, conscious breathing. When we are taking a long breath we are using a lot of oxygen to our blood. We have to be aware of our internal mind. The mind seems to be somewhere else, at the economical problems, at work, anywhere but not inside. Is always agitated. So, we have to clear our mind from all these things and concentrate on breathing. And like I said before, we are like an antenna, receiving energy, information, vibrations. For example, when a good smell comes, we are absorbing this smell, we can understand if it is good or bad, we can feel it, this are our senses. It is the same with the human body, we can absorb good and bad vibration. And if our mind is inside, than we can reject or accept whatever we want, we need for our present life.

Thank you very much Mr. Prasad Joshi and I hope to see you again next year!

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